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Dental implant surgery in Moldova – price

The dental implant is a surgical component that interferes with the jawbones, their basic role being one of support for future crowns, bridges and dental prostheses. In different clinics, the procedure may cost differently. Let’s see what the price of the “turnkey” dental implant in Moldova consists of.

The specialists of the implant.md clinic are ready to offer various options for prostheses and choose the best option together with the patients.

What is the cost of a dental implant surgery

The following factors influence the price of prostheses and the procedure in general:

  • Price category of the clinic. Depending on the equipment and drugs used, as well as the level of professionalism of doctors, the price may be higher or lower.
  • Implant brand, material and manufacturing technology. Higher-quality implants are easier to press on, have a more natural look, and often have a lifetime warranty. The cost of implants can vary from 4,000 lei (metal ceramics) to 8,000 lei (zirconium) and more.
  • The volume of preparatory procedures, diagnosis and treatment before implantation. Implantation in patients with pathologies of the dentoalveolar system will cost more.
  • Volume and type of implantation. Of course, the installation of one tooth will cost less than, for example, the restoration of an entire dentition according to the All-on-4 or All-on-6 protocols.
  • When it comes to the front teeth, the appearance is especially important for the prosthesis. Accordingly, the price of an implant with a zirconia crown will be higher, but such a crown will look better in place of the front tooth than metal-ceramic.

To clarify the price of implantation and implants, you must consult a doctor. He will tell you about what is included in the final cost of the procedure.

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